Friday, January 11, 2013

Sharing my Heart

It has been some time since my last blog post. Maybe I will blame my age....I seem to lack the energy to do ten things at once anymore. I used to be able to juggle many things but lately I have changed. I seem to want to sit and enjoy more. So that is what I have been doing! I have been thinking about putting all my holiday decorations away. Hubby has plans to go out of town next week snowmobiling (but without snow, not sure if this will happen), maybe that will be the time to pack up Christmas. So I admit that everything Christmas is still up. I did shop the craft stores and Target this week for Valentine inspiration~a baby step towards changing out the decorations. The first picture is my attempt to enjoy the heart shaped jewelry pendants I have. I added one small glass heart, stringing all with fishing line.

I shopped an antique show last weekend and found this small red stool. I am skeptical whether or not it is vintage but have decided I love it irregardless. Behind the stool you will bee a new glass display case I bought online for a good price to encase my cherished R John Wright Santa as well as some of his holiday mice.

My white bear is wearing a new beanie I thought could be a great display for some of my collection of pins.

The last two pictures show off the new Wee Forest Folk mice I received as Christmas gifts from my husband and son. The details are so amazing!

So I have shared a few of my hearts...and things I love! Have a happy day and take the time to enjoy the small things around you!