Sunday, November 24, 2013

Found Treasures

We are visiting our son, so I now find I have time to post. First up, some treasures I found in the past two months or so. The blue violin reminds me of my Gramma Zim. She had a glass violin with ivy growing out of it in her dining room. đŸ’•memories of the farm and my grandparents. It joins some favorite finds on the windowsill in my kitchen.

My husband took me to some of my favorite stores in Traverse City, MI, a month or so ago. I found several sweet things at good prices, but I am finding I enjoy estate sales and the terrific buys you can get over antique stores. Of course, now I have started new collections, including 'The Three Little Pigs', blue Shirley Temple glassware, funnels, and adding another small shelf to my growing collection. The hand now holds a miniature teddy bear and I am thinking that the fancy handkerchief will be a pretty tablecloth on a miniature table.

The tiny bulldog mama and pups (stamped Japan) was picked up at an estate sale close to home, along with the Lusterware salt cellar. đŸ’— the raised flowers on the basket! The small snuff box is sterling with a mosaic floral top, found at an estate sale near an exclusive country club. There is even some mother of pearl in the mosaic to make it really sparkle. The tiny charms are old and I wonder if they were prizes from Cracker Jacks~another new collection is started!

These velvet acorns were made by the Hot Skwash pumpkin creators~love their work!

The acorns have now joined my growing collection of Hot Skwash pumpkins. I found an adorable iron bunny to hold one of the velvet creations.

I added several new robots to the next booming collection. I found two more Hallmark retired robot ornaments online to join this next display. Robots and Wee Forest Folk~an unusual combination~but they make me happy!

It's always fun to share my treasures. Now back to browsing blogs and Pinterest!