Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

I count myself blessed that I have so much enjoyment in my life. I watched eight deer frolicking in our ravine again. The young deer jump and splash in the creek while the mother deer watch over them and keep glancing up at the house.
We drove up to our lake house so my hubby could enjoy one last snowmobile ride (I hope) so I went into Traverse City and browsed in antique shops. I didn't find any chicks (except on a post card) but brought home a few small treasures. I am always looking for ways to display my Wee Forest Folk, as you can see in the china cup.
I hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun finds!

After lunch with my high school friends yesterday, I hit two vintage stores and found a few fun things. I have started a collection of glass domes or whatever will work as a dome. I was searching the old flash cards for 'chick' and came away with 'hop, hop, hop' which will work for my spring decorating. The crown ornament will work as a miniature building topper. I really need something to hold all my books which are stacked here and there so was very excited to find a small metal bookshelf. Now I have to struggle with where it will live...
I finally hung two of the laddles that I polished! The Scotch Clear Mounting Squares are removable and seem to be holding great!
Have a happy day!

More pictures....

I really got some great pictures of so many animals at DisneyWorld's Animal Kingdom and have to share a few more. We also saw a show-Finding Nemo and enjoyed it. A combination of puppets and humans brought the show to life. Just amazing!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lions and tigers (no bears)-oh, my!

After a fast and furious weekend in Orlando, we are driving home to snow and cold. I must admit that the hot temps in Florida were a bit much for me. Guess I am not a fan of hot...but I am a fan of the theme parks in Orlando. My favorite was DisneyWorld's Animal Kingdom.My 'Bucket List' includes an African Safari and I got to go on one this past weekend and it was fantastic! The people at Disney sure have refined the theme park experience. One of the best experiences was visiting the gorillas. The alpha male became agitated and got right up to the window, not two feet away from me. Amazing to see him so close. The lions and tigers were much farther away but I got some good pictures. While on a ride through the animal park, we saw elephants, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, African crocodiles and much more. Even the food was wonderful. Hope to take another trip there again...what memories!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

HaPpY Rednesday!

Here are a few of my favorite red things for 'Rednesday'!

I hope I haven't posted any of these before...but if you are old, like me, you won't remember! LOL

Have a terrific Rednesday!

Snow Woman~A Crafty Idea!

I am a procrastinator...I got my masters degree in it! Anyway, I signed up for a handmade craft exchange with five friends on Facebook and instantly regretted it! I have so many unfinished projects and miniature kits...but I love the small snowman I made as a gift for friends two years ago so I thought-I can make that again! Ony problem was, I couldn't find the small light bulb shaped jars that I used. I did find larger jars (Hobby Lobby) so decided to go ahead. I finished all the snow women last night so decided to post pictures for anyone who loves projects. If you have any questions, please email me and I will try my best to answer. Make this project your own by changing or adding different trims. My smaller snowman has a thimble as a hat which I loved. These larger ladies have straw hats trimmed with lace and beads and ribbon. Enjoy!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day!

Had to share some love today! I hope you find some small enchantment that brings a smile!

Have a very happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Fairies have invaded our home!

Urban Fairies - Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor on Facebook asked for pictures of fairies and fairy doors so I spent time this morning trying to catch the fairies before they hid. I was able to catch sight of a few and thought I would share their pictures here on my blog. There are more fairies...but they are so very shy and reluctant to have their picture taken.
The fairy door will move outside in better weather. The beautiful fairy resides in a glass ginger jar which is protection from Bob the cat. The freckle faced fairy and her companions are protected under a small cloche.
I love fairies!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I had to share some of my favorite red things for Rednesday...Sorry the picture of the hot air balloon didn't come out more clear. My little mouse inside the basket isn't sure she wants to be so high!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Art or crafts?

Not sure why it bothered me so much...but an old friend was lamenting about how she was floundering in her new retirement. She told me I was lucky that I had my 'crafts' to fill my time. Somehow that didn't sit right with me. I do some crafting but my miniature displays are much more than that. Do I get to qualify my miniatures as art since I sell and make money on them? My miniature gypsy wagon took hours and hours of work-planning, making prototypes, learning to electrify and make the right candle stick, searching for the right accessories and trim and colors.... I have sold more than two dozen of the wagons (I should have kept track!) and am proud of my work. I had forgotten that I struggled with calling myself an 'artist' back when I left teaching.
I guess I need to remind myself that I need to be happy and satisfied with what I do. I can always educate others about what I create and perhaps they will better understand it.
Now back to planning my Harry Potter miniature stone cottage-and figuring out how to make a round roof....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Great day with my Sister!

Today my Sister (with a capital S) and I spent the day together. She was great, letting me browse in vintage and antique shops in Holland as well as art galleries. I found this great vintage shelf which will live at the lake house. Then we walked down the street to my favorite gallery~Thistle Gallery. New zipper pins had arrived! I bought my Sister a bird pin for taking care of our cats while we will be away this month. Then I bought myself a gift (the cherry pin~thanks, honey!) and I was shopping for a friend and bought her a pin as well (the bluebird). Then we were directed to see the fabulous pins in the window of the gallery...and I lusted after another zipper pin. My Sister decided that would be a terrific gift for my birthday (in March). Yippee! I just adore those pins! Of course then I felt I should buy her some special earrings for her birthday (in March). I just love shopping for my own gifts as well as gifts for others!
To top off the afternoon, we had a terrific lunch at Boatwerks on Lake Macatawa. What a wonderful day!
PS Owls were abundant everywhere! I took this picture just for you, Kim. Aren't they adorable?!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Turning a sad day onto a memorable one...

A good friend from high school lost her Mother this week. Hate to say it was a blessing but she was suffering so much. I went to the memorial service with another friend and after such a sad time we decided to stop at a few vintage/antique shops in the area. First we stopped at The Blue Door on East Fulton. I found a really great small cabinet but they will not argue about price. We also stopped at Rebel.reclaimed just a block west of The Blue Door. Very cool shop with great vintage items that the owner has painted or glued to turn into something else. I bought a nice dome as well as an old toy block. The owner was nice enough to let me take a picture of his wall. So cool! And so many owls!!! Good prices, too. The shop is a bit on the small side. They share the building with a vintage clothing store which I didn't check out (Urban Outfitters-or something like that). Fun way to change the afternoon into more of a celebration.

Hearts and flowers....

Valentine decorations have been popping up in our house over the past few days. Of course, once I finish packing away Christmas, they will dominate my home but until the packing is done, they add a sweet, red touch to my decor!