Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lions and tigers (no bears)-oh, my!

After a fast and furious weekend in Orlando, we are driving home to snow and cold. I must admit that the hot temps in Florida were a bit much for me. Guess I am not a fan of hot...but I am a fan of the theme parks in Orlando. My favorite was DisneyWorld's Animal Kingdom.My 'Bucket List' includes an African Safari and I got to go on one this past weekend and it was fantastic! The people at Disney sure have refined the theme park experience. One of the best experiences was visiting the gorillas. The alpha male became agitated and got right up to the window, not two feet away from me. Amazing to see him so close. The lions and tigers were much farther away but I got some good pictures. While on a ride through the animal park, we saw elephants, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, African crocodiles and much more. Even the food was wonderful. Hope to take another trip there again...what memories!

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  1. Welcome home. Your pictures are amazing. Animal Kingdom...especially the African Safari was a favorite park for our family too. Ready for more snow? I'm ready for spring and Easter decorations!