Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Turns out I love polishing silver!

I ran across a box with old silverware at my Mom's. We brought home much 'stuff' from my Aunt's house-some from their Aunt who lived in Chicago...some from Great Grandma. Anyway, I decided I loved the ladles and they would be a terrific way to display my baby mice (Wee Forest Folk). I tried several ways to clean the ornate flowers on the handles but finally went out and bought silver polish~and it worked! A bit time consuming but the results were worth it! It's a bit funny but the smell from the polish reminds me of home permanents-and I actually enjoyed that! Guess I am a bit strange...
Now I need to figure out how to soider a wire on the back of each handle so I can hang them. And can I think of something to display on the ornate serving fork...


  1. How sweet and creative. They are perfect for your baby mice. Glad to see you posting again.

  2. Hi Lee...thanks so much for stopping by during One World One Heart. I'll be happy to include your name in the pot for my Very Cherry earrings. Always happy to have you join us for ME Mondays, too. Take care...