Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Treasures!

A few new treasures have found their way into our home (and into my heart) in the past week.
I saw the sweetest small stool at an antique store. But that particular store does not dicker on prices which makes me think twice about buying there. I even left and waited a week before returning to bring it home with me. When I dream of things~that is a sure sign that I must have it! I just love the curves, the paint color and the worn look of it.
I have been considering the ceramic hand (glove mold?) for several months. It is a terrific way to display jewelry!
My DH asked me to ride with him to the accountant this afternoon. I knew that we would be traveling through Lowell, where there are at least two good antique stores. He graciously stopped (after a minimum of friendly persuasion) and let me browse. I found the doll china cabinet there and the store took offers! Bonus! Now I must decide where this beauty will reside, along with deciding what will be displayed inside... Of course, there will be a mouse or two!
I just love to find treasures on my wish list!

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Decorating with Heart

I decided I would share more of my Valentine decorating. As you can see, I love my mice (not live ones- which creep me out!).
In our house, little things matter. Sure am glad we didn't take down the Christmas tree!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

~Valentine Mantle~

Since I didn't decorate for Christmas (much~we spent that holiday with our sons in CA) I did get carried away decorating for Valentine's Day!
I spent most of my time decorating my mantle so this post centers on that.
I made the heart swag, after being disappointed with what was available at local stores in the way of Valentine decorations.
It was relatively easy to make, although the glitter paper was difficult to punch hearts out of (so thick!). It took some time to figure out how to tie the ribbon holding the hearts together but through trial and error, I got moving.
My neon rose is a treasure. I bought it several years ago (along with a Christmas tree and a moon with star combo). The neon storefront has disappeared and that grieves me....I have other ideas for the talented artisans who made my neon shapes but wonder if I will ever find them again.
The candy heart boxes were sent to me by a friend with connections at Godiva. No candy was consumed in order to obtain these boxes...this year!
I am pleased with my festive mantle...but that won't stop me from fussing.
Had to share!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I finished a project!

One of my New Year's resolutions is tackling my UFO miniature projects and today I took a tiny step toward completing one.
A friend sent me a Christmas gift while we were away and I hadn't sent her anything. Today I made her a tiny Rudolph and I will be sending her Rudie as well as a small, bleached Christmas tree, wrapped inside a tiny cardboard house. Rudie has a shiny jeweled nose as well as a tiny red bow around his neck. I gave another friend one of Rudie's brothers but he lacked the bow....so if that friend reads this post, I will be happy to add a fancy bow to her reindeer, too! I added a dime for comparison to the tiny deer. He is even small in comparison to the patrol mouse.
One down, dozens to go!
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