Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spruce Up!

I was inspired by Angela of A McInnis Artworks blog today. She spruced up her kitchen with just a few changes-which refreshed and added to her kitchen. So I decided to try sprucing up the light fixture over our dining room table. Now, I must tell you first, I wanted to replace this fixture when we added on the larger dining area. Our table is large as is the room and this fixture is small. I would not get rid of this charming piece-it just is not right for the space. But then my husband had a fit...and I have learned to chose my battles. So we still have the same light fixture but I decorate it for each holiday. In the summer, not much is added. I started collecting glass crystals since I love the Swarski stars and snowflakes at Christmas. They hang from the fixture now, year round. I found some small glass flowered pendants last year in Savannah and those hang along side the crystals (they were sold as necklaces but we all have learned to look at things in a different light, right?!). Last month I finally made two bows out of some ribbon I had stashed (I didn't ask the price before they cut it-and it is machine embroidered with flowers-loveit but expensive!). But somehow I still wasn't happy....

So today I added some bling over the white glass shade...not quite enough...and had a brain storm! Took down the small white glass piece hanging over the light and hung a blown glass ornament which I love of a blue heron.
I am happy now!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Finds...Part 2

I had to share the picture of the beautiful necklace I found Sunday. Made by a Michigan artist, I love the colors as well as the Petosky stone. Her bead work is beautiful around the stone. My favorite thing in my weekend search, although the most expensive...but that is OK, once in a while.

Weekend Finds...

I went to a small flea market yesterday. Found some small treasures-a small round wooden container; several thimbles; a pin which will be great for a miniature display, a bamboo cane(a new collection-this makes number three). I had never been in this area so enjoyed finding old buildings and stores with old fashioned candy counters. Bought (and quickly ate) two fresh donuts. I should have taken pictures of what I enjoyed but was too busy driving and enjoying...

Stopped in a small town and poked around in the stores. Had a terrific lunch and on the way back to the car, saw this purse planter. It called to me so went in the store and found this beautiful necklace with a Petosky stone pendant-LOVE it!

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I finally got back to work on my miniature projects-until Bob took my stool-silly cat!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ode to My Mom

Mom isn't just my mother....she has been a good friend.
We both love miniatures and started taking classes together thirty five years ago.
Her hands don't seem to cooperate these days but her enthusiasm is still there.
She encourages me to follow my dreams...

She can be as silly as a child and I have pictures to prove it!
In the past, we have traveled to many miniature conventions and shows together.
She attended many Wee Forest Folk events with me; excited by my displays and supportive of my hobby.
Her body isn't allowing that these days.

This week, she is having surgery to eliminate the extreme pain she has had for too long.
She is excited and optimistic.
I am happy for her but my heart is heavy with worry.
Send your good thoughts and prayers her way this Thursday...
and hug your mother.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life at the Lake...

We love it at the lake...so peaceful....so beautiful.
There has been an explosion of crayfish-hope they don't nibble on toes!
The flowers on our bank have also gone crazy this year. They have spread and smell wonderful-the bees are buzzing.
Bob the cat is in his element. He hunts all night and catches up on his sleep during the day. He seems to smile more during stays at the lake house.
Life is good.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lucky Me!

I was lucky enough to win a gift from Kim (Musings from Kim K.) (http://kenward.blogspot.com)(wish I was better at posting links and understanding all this technology!).
This week I was invited over to her home to pick up my gift as well as tour her family's new treehouse. Lucky was the big word-her home is filled with wonderful treasures and she took me on a tour of her home, craft room and, last but not least, the treehouse. I must admit that Kim and I are not only blogging friends; her mother, Barb, and I have been friends for many years. Kim has been so encouraging to me in this blogging adventure and I must thank her for her supportive posts!
My gifts included a bouquet of button flowers (made by Kim), a candle (embellished by Kim), a vintage handkerchief, and Jasmine teabags. Everything was delightful and have places of honor in my home. I took a picture to show off my gifts-one of my Teddy bears now has a beautiful kerchief around his neck!
Kim was such a delight to meet and is as lovely as I thought she would be (she is her Mother's daughter!). She allowed me to take a picture of her next to a wonderful miniature house her mother made and hand painted for her. Such a talented family! Kim's daughters are already in training to craft and shop for vintage treasures and are treasures themselves. Josie is celebrating her fifth birthday this month- I love her enthusiasm for super heroes. Emma is into everything purple, especially if Justin Bieber is wearing it. I even met Kim's husband, Chris, the builder extraordinaire. All I can say about the treehouse is WOW! Kim has blogged about it several times so please find a way to visit her blog to see for yourself how terrific it is.
Thanks Kim, Chris, Emma and Josie! It was wonderful meeting you in person and visiting your home (and treehouse!).

PS The bluebird in the last picture is a new acquisition which arrived this week. It was a lucky find after reading a blog and following a link to
Etsy. Lucky me!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Red Enchantments

I am joining Sue at 'It's a Very Cherry World' for Rednesday.

One of my all time favorite red things is my red neon rose. It was hand blown by a craftsman at a neon shop in a town close by. The shop has closed, but I have decided I need another special neon sculpture! I have a neon Christmas tree and a blue man in the moon...but I want a jack o' lantern and I won't give up looking! I showed the rose with the camera's flash and without. I leave this neon light on 24/7 and love the soft glow.
The second red item is one of my favorite Wee Forest Folk mice, riding a cardinal. Gotta love him!
My red Wee Forest Folk display case is the final red item of enchantment. Alice in Wonderland and her buddies are inside, along with a table I made with treats and cups of tea (with lemon, of course!).
HaPpY WeDnEsDaY!

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Cherished Finds....

I have to share my newest cherished treasures found while visiting Beautfort, SC. I ducked into an antique/art store while in downtown Beautfort and was drawn to some blue glass. The first was a small blue glass pitcher...with a picture of Shirley Temple on it! I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and my Mom was a big fan. Somehow I found the courage to ask for a lower price and got it! I spent what I saved on another blue item; an old blown glass bottle. When I returned home and told Mom about my find, she told me to check her china cupboard-and there was my blue pitcher's twin! The great part of this is I gently persuade Mom to give her pitcher to my sister. We are planning a lunch for Mom this week when my Aunt comes to visit so I plan to fill the blue pitchers with flowers for a centerpiece as a surprise. Looking forward to seeing my sister's surprised face!

id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5617917122978301570" />

Today I went back to a local antique store to see if something I found there many months ago was still available. I have been having dreams
about it...so I was very excited when I was able to buy it! The old cabinet will need some work but will be a great display for damaged mice
that I collect-a 'hospital' of sorts. Love the cool graphics!
The last picture is another 'mouse' related treasure. I decided I needed shade plants in the cement basket next the the back door. When
searching for ideas in a nursery, I narrowed it down to shade perennials and found 'Blue Mouse Ears' hosta plant. Couldn't have found anything more perfect! Another treasure which I will smile about every time I pass by.

Monday, June 6, 2011

South Carolina Surprises....

We drove to South Carolina this past weekend to surprise our son for his birthday. He shocked us by driving home for Mother's Day weekend (over fifteen hours) so it was payback time!
Surprise is such a small word for the giant grin on his face! I love surprises...when they aren't on me! LOL
After driving there Friday evening and many hugs, we had another surprise....a King snake in his yard. King snakes aren't poisonous so we
(well, most of us) enjoyed watching this amazing creature trying to move a rock out of a hole.
Saturday was spent in the sun. I must admit that the sun does a number on me. I surprised myself when I agreed to sit on the dock and
even go for a jet ski ride with my husband. It can be no surprise that I have decided to start yet another weight loss program after seeing
pictures of myself this weekend....sigh.
Sunday included a visit to Hunting Island where we were yet again surprised with the natural beauty of South Carolina- a light house, a jelly fish and two lovely adults in love (our son and his lady love).
It was a weekend of many surprises, which filled our hearts and senses.
Life is good.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photo Shoot

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I put on my husband's tall rubber farm boots this afternoon and hiked down into the ravine behind our house. I thought I would be able to take pictures of trilliums but I was a too late. I still took some pictures, walking down the middle of the stream to take a look at the new
house near us. I didn't get far when there was loud crashing noise on the bank-I woke a fawn, who was fleeing through the brush! Not sure who was more startled but I decided I should turn back home. Then I heard someone calling to me...and saw it was Bob-the cat who lives with us. By then, then mosquitoes found me so I started the trek back up to the house. Luckily I didn't lose my boots in the muck!