Friday, June 24, 2011

Life is Good....but more obsessions!

My Mom got through her hip revision surgery yesterday. Today is better for her....and tomorrow will be even better. Life is Good!

I have gotten more obsessed. Today I found another topiary for theo growing collection on my mantle. Sheesh!
But don't they look great?!

I also found more round objects for another collection. I moved the ceramic balls into a glass jar and today found two glass balls which I added to the jar. I think the stress of Mom's health ordeal has turned me into obsessive/compulsive! Or I will blame it on that!

I was in Eastown today, taking a break from the hospital, when I found this quaint building. It was made of all salvaged materials...and I love it!
I hope everyone has a terrific weekend! I plan to.


  1. At least those people understand what recycling means. I

  2. I'm glad your mother is recovering. I've been wondering how she was doing. Glad your obsessive/shopping is still happening too! We're almost ready for the beach! Bring on good weather!

  3. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your looks like fun!