Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Finds...

I went to a small flea market yesterday. Found some small treasures-a small round wooden container; several thimbles; a pin which will be great for a miniature display, a bamboo cane(a new collection-this makes number three). I had never been in this area so enjoyed finding old buildings and stores with old fashioned candy counters. Bought (and quickly ate) two fresh donuts. I should have taken pictures of what I enjoyed but was too busy driving and enjoying...

Stopped in a small town and poked around in the stores. Had a terrific lunch and on the way back to the car, saw this purse planter. It called to me so went in the store and found this beautiful necklace with a Petosky stone pendant-LOVE it!

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I finally got back to work on my miniature projects-until Bob took my stool-silly cat!
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  1. Of course the picture of the beautiful necklace didn't show up! I must spend some time finding a better way to post on my blog from my iPad. Any suggestions will be most welcome!
    Thanks for visiting! Lee

  2. Nice finds Lee........also, what a wonderfully creative idea to use an old purse as a charming and unique.

    Enjoyed hearing from you today.....thanks for the thoughtful comment!


  3. The purse planter is DIVINE!!!

    I'm home long enough to check on the cat, scoot Chris outside to water his precious gardens and sneak some blog time. We'll be hitting the road soon to head back to the cottage. I just updated the blog with a few pics. Being unplugged is really really hard. I can't wait to get caught up on all your latest happenings!!