Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spruce Up!

I was inspired by Angela of A McInnis Artworks blog today. She spruced up her kitchen with just a few changes-which refreshed and added to her kitchen. So I decided to try sprucing up the light fixture over our dining room table. Now, I must tell you first, I wanted to replace this fixture when we added on the larger dining area. Our table is large as is the room and this fixture is small. I would not get rid of this charming piece-it just is not right for the space. But then my husband had a fit...and I have learned to chose my battles. So we still have the same light fixture but I decorate it for each holiday. In the summer, not much is added. I started collecting glass crystals since I love the Swarski stars and snowflakes at Christmas. They hang from the fixture now, year round. I found some small glass flowered pendants last year in Savannah and those hang along side the crystals (they were sold as necklaces but we all have learned to look at things in a different light, right?!). Last month I finally made two bows out of some ribbon I had stashed (I didn't ask the price before they cut it-and it is machine embroidered with flowers-loveit but expensive!). But somehow I still wasn't happy....

So today I added some bling over the white glass shade...not quite enough...and had a brain storm! Took down the small white glass piece hanging over the light and hung a blown glass ornament which I love of a blue heron.
I am happy now!


  1. Lee: I'm glad that you found a look that you love. It's a beautiful light fixture and you are so creative! I know just what you mean about picking battles when it comes to husbands. :) Tricia

  2. love the light! you are so very crearive!!!