Friday, July 1, 2011


Wowie Zowie, what a day!I decided to drive up to my Mom's house to pick up her mail before I went to visit her in rehab and saw a sign- Garage Sale, antiques. My car just turned every which way until we found the house, only a few blocks from Mom's. And what a bonanza of treasures! Most were antiques, some vintage but I came away with many treasures!

Luckily (or unluckily), I just went to an ATM...and ended up spending all that cash and borrowing some from my sister. And I think back to other things I saw and have regrets...but no money! LOL

These small jars turned out to be my favorites!

I can see this wooden vice in a display for my Wee Forest Folk-an instrument of torture! LOL

My biggest regret was passing up on the paper wasp nests...odd choice! maybe I can persuade my sister to make another trip there!


  1. Hi Lee,
    Now that is my kind of day!
    What fantastic treasures! I see the beautiful cobalt blue glass.. my weakness :)

    all of your finds are wonderful!!

    I think I'd go back though and get that wasp nest ;) Just sayin'..... lol


  2. I would have LOVED to have been at that sale with you. Is this the infamous sale where you met Tom R? We're home and digging out from beach sand and dirty laundry. I've been editing beach pictures for the blog. It was definitely cooler than normal, but we had loads of fun this past week. Have a lovely 4th of July weekend!