Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am joining Sue at 'It's a Very Cherry World' for Rednesday.
Please forgive me if I have already used any of these before...I use the excuse that I am older and tend to forget!
I am showing my favorite wreath which I made myself...in red, of course!

Next is a collage picture I bought at a Mole Hole. I have big plans to try to copy how it was made, using wood shims. Nothing made yet...

I bought the gum ball machine over thirty years ago. It is still one of treasures and sits on my kitchen counter. My husband loves the gum balls-I really should refill it!

Last is a picture of raspberries- in miniature! I love raspberries and when I found these cartons, I had to have them!
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Thanks for visiting on Rednesday!


  1. Hi Lee!
    Your wreath is gorgeous. It seems the only crafts I've made since blogging have been wreaths. I have yet to make one out of silks. You did a great job! I had to laugh when I saw you purchased the collage at the Mole Hole. I guess all "Wee Forest Folk" fans shop there ;) The gumball machine is great! My son has one in his bedroom full of marbles, but I'd love to get a vintage one for the kitchen. Have a great Rednesday!


  2. Happy Rednesday! Your teeny tiny raspberries are just too amazing. I spent some time looking over the picture in great detail. Your work always astounds me. Stay cool. This heat wave is unbearable.

  3. Glad you shared again, as I have not seen these before. I definitely would not have remembered them if you had. I forget from my chair to the other room what I was going for. Lord help me!

  4. Gum machine is great!
    and where do you get those little white ball with letters on them???

    barbara jean

  5. Love the little white balls....and the new puppy is my favorite.

  6. I love them all,especially the wreath you made !

  7. That collage is fascinating! Gives me some ideas for crafting!

  8. Your wreath is gorgeous. I so need to do something with mine, it is looking really tacky. Love the red and the gum ball machine is fantastic. Thanks so much for your visit and your gracious comments. Hugs, Marty