Saturday, July 23, 2011


I am joining Beverly for Pink Saturday!
I wasn't sure that I had much pink in the house...but found some of my favorite things are pink!
The first two are lamps; the last three are prints and ornaments by P. Buckley Moss. The ornaments were too lovely to put away after Christmas so I put them in a frame. Love the angels!
Happy Pink Saturday!


  1. You have very pretty lamps and art. The pinky color in them is pretty. Love the little deer in the snow over on the side. :)

  2. those "tiffany" lamps are beautiful! Hope you have a fun pink weekend!

  3. Love your pink lamps and I really love your "Bob"....too cute! Thanks for sharing with us all on Pink Saturday.

  4. Your lampshades are just gorgeous. We're back from a quick trip to the windy city. Have a lovely Monday!

  5. Hi Lee thanks for stopping by on Minis Monday. Hope you got the light figured out! I hate to even try wire-taping tho I've watched it enough and should just do it!