Friday, October 28, 2011

HaLLoWeEn Crafts!

Last minute crafting, just in time for our HaLLoWeEn party!
My sister, Lynne, and her daughter, Tori (our maiden name was Torrey!) came over last night and made their own candy corn topiaries. This is very easy & fast-compared to making the ribbon topiaries, that is. One big tip-do not use Brach's candy corn(which is my favorite!). It tends to break, as I found out when a good friend and I were making our first one. I bought more expensive candy corn which had a wax coating (locally, I found it at Sweetland Candy Store). We used a smooth foam 3" ball and hot glue in a pot.
The other topiary was made with 'Dot' candies. I used a 3 1/2" styrofoam ball for this one. Not sure I like the colors as well...
I hosted a HaLLoWeEn potluck lunch for my friends from high school Thursday. Most of us dressed up and looked very goofy (hard to believe we are really old ladies!). One creative friend brought acorn cookies. Adorable and tasty! She used Hershey kisses, small Nutter Butter cookies and peanut butter chips, with frosting holding it all together. Yum!
Finally, my cat, Bob, snapped this picture of me acting goofy....
I do have FUN!
Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Home again-exhausted but with a smile on my face!
Folktoberfest, a gathering of Wee Forest Folk collectors, was last weekend in Clare, MI. I went early to do my part, shipping out boxes of special mice which were ordered by collectors who couldn't attend. I also used my shopping skills to help the planners of the event find things used in our fun and games. Of course, eating and fun shopping figured in, along with visiting friends from far and near. I did manage to buy a few mice which had been on my wish list for a long time, at great prices (hurray for me-boo for the sinking prices of these adorable collectibles).
Once again, I didn't take enough pictures-here are a few. The first is my display made special for one of the event pieces.
Next is of the pumpkin I carved, 'Mouse Zombie'.
Third is of some attendees signing a special song. The theme was 'Four Seasons', and you can see we covered winter/Christmas.
The two man band played music Saturday evening and I worked off all the great food I ate. ('Cops and Donuts' sells terrific donuts and pastries and is right across the street from the hotel.)
The last picture shows my centerpiece...after our meal when I remembered to take the picture.
I am so fortunate to have a hobby which has made my life richer in friends from across the United States.
Now to find a place for my new mice!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Wowie-have I been cleaning and decorating!
Mouser friends begin arriving tomorrow for the Wee Forest Folk event called 'Folktoberfest' here in Michigan. Two friends from WA and UT are flying into Grand Rapids to stay before we drive up to begin work on the event, so I had to (finally) clean house.
Best part of my cleaning frenzy was dusting my mice-I use a cosmetic brush on each one and really enjoy spending time looking at all the beautiful hand painted details. I only clean my cabinets occasionally so I had to show off the sparkling results!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ghoultide Gathering

Ghoultide Gathering was this past weekend-and it was a terrific time with my wonderful sisters!
We spent two nights and two days together which is a rare occurrence. One day was spent shopping in Ann Arbor.
Then there was Ghoultide! Wow! The artists selling their original works were wonderful. I came home with a bat who is now residing in my brass birdcage; a small box and mouse print which my sisters bought me (early Christmas gift-luckily they knew I should enjoy their gifts now!); and a cement white pumpkin and squirrel, both of which won't ever die!
We are already planning next year's trip. I need to start saving my money!