Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ghoultide Gathering

Ghoultide Gathering was this past weekend-and it was a terrific time with my wonderful sisters!
We spent two nights and two days together which is a rare occurrence. One day was spent shopping in Ann Arbor.
Then there was Ghoultide! Wow! The artists selling their original works were wonderful. I came home with a bat who is now residing in my brass birdcage; a small box and mouse print which my sisters bought me (early Christmas gift-luckily they knew I should enjoy their gifts now!); and a cement white pumpkin and squirrel, both of which won't ever die!
We are already planning next year's trip. I need to start saving my money!


  1. All your purchase are just fabulous! Someday I want to attend this special event. What a fun way to spend time with your sisters.

  2. Lee !!
    Omy gosh, how much fun to spend a few days with your sisters, and end up at Ghoultide!

    I just LOVE your art you brought home with you :)


  3. I'm loving the squirel and basket! There are so many ways you can decorate that for fall to get a different look every year. Must be so nie to be able to spend time with your sisters. Glad you enjoyed the trip!

  4. What fun and what a great haul! I would have had a blast.