Friday, March 18, 2011

hop, hop, hop...

Spring was here yesterday! Warm temps, no coats, sunshine~gotta love it!

I am sharing two of my bunnies in celebration of Spring!

Both bunnies are the creation of R John Wright. The stump with the mushrooms was something I had to have while on our drive through WV. I persuaded my husband to stop (once again) at a artisan's store~this is my third piece from this artist (Delbert Pitchford). He gives me the urge to learn to carve....but then I realize I should just buy his work and save myself the aggravation! Poor Peter Rabbit is trapped under glass with his slipper in paw. Love him~my oldest son's name is Peter so he has a special place in my heart.

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Small Red Enchantments for Rednesday

While up north at the lake last weekend, I looked around for special red things for Rednesday at 'It's A Very Cherry World'. Not hard to find some small things-a miniature red apple with a bite out of it in the paws of a miniature handmade raccoon (doesn't he look real?!); my favorite millefiore glass night light; an old postcard from an album my Aunt gave me; and a pair of small enamel over copper cardinals made by the late artist Norman Brumm.
So much fun to share!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bob~the heart of the family....

I thought about having Bob guest host my blog today but he refuses to co-operate so I will just go ahead and write about him.
He walked into our life almost four years ago. He snuck right into the lake house and settled in on the sofa for a nap. He was not welcomed at first (in fact there was swearing and cussing from others in the family) but charmed his way into all of our hearts. The thought that he might be homeless that fall when we moved back home brought us distress. So he began traveling back and forth with us from the lake to our home and vice versa. He let us know that he isn't a good traveler but we forced him to put up with it. After all this time, he still gets car sick but I have gotten better at anticipating.
Bob has friends all over the United States and has his own Facebook page (if you would likie to friend him, his full name is Bob Strobridge). And he is extremely photogenic, as you can see from the pictures I am posting. Last Christmas, he put out a calendar and gave away all four copies!
Gotta love him!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friends are blessings we don't often appreciate....

Rough week...turning 60 was a bit hard but with many friends and family cheering me on, it was no big deal. Actually, it was a lot of fun!
The hard part of getting older is the natural process of parents getting older, too. Really tough to watch my Mom struggle with the pain she is experiencing this week. The pain clouds her mind and her memory. I struggle with patience and acceptance of my new role.
But I am still enjoying the gifts and cards I was given! Ah, spring!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I was challenged by Sue at "It's a Very Cherry World" to share my favorite red things so here goes!
The first is a vintage windmill that I persuaded my Mom to give me (teehee).
I love the red chair where my miniature teddy, lamb chop, and sock monkey hang out.
The red roadster is one of my favorite Wee Forest Folk pieces.
The teensey red blown glass octopus (@1/4" tall) is next to another Wee Forest Folk.
A dear friend sent me the beautiful Godiva box for my growing collection (full of wonderful chocolates~yum!).
Somehow it isn't hard to find red among my treasures!