Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Small Red Enchantments for Rednesday

While up north at the lake last weekend, I looked around for special red things for Rednesday at 'It's A Very Cherry World'. Not hard to find some small things-a miniature red apple with a bite out of it in the paws of a miniature handmade raccoon (doesn't he look real?!); my favorite millefiore glass night light; an old postcard from an album my Aunt gave me; and a pair of small enamel over copper cardinals made by the late artist Norman Brumm.
So much fun to share!


  1. Your glass night light is splendid. What a special postcard too. I'm just noticing your Wee Forest Wizard Folk at the top of your blog. He's wonderful. Chris would totally approve.

  2. lots of red! my aunt would love the post card, she has her kitchen in apples :) I also love the cardinals. Faythe @ GMT