Monday, March 29, 2010

Kitchen Sink

I believe that many of us spend a lot of time standing at the kitchen I make sure it is an enjoyable experience! I have a collection of miniature birdhouses, other miniatures, pictures I love and seasonal things, hanging from hooks in the ceiling above the sink. I have two small orchids on the window ledge as well as a small African violet. My kitchen sink is a fun place to be!


This past weekend, I finally spent time spring cleaning and also had some fun changing displays and dusting mice. I even changed out the Christmas mice from the glass teapot display in my china cabinet. I bought a glass cake stand and now it is added to that fun display.

I have been working on the miniatures, displays and contest entries for May's 'Mouse Expo' in CA. I do get carried away~and end up spending so much time on these things. I tend to think it all out before finally committing. I browse my favorite craft stores and allow time for the ideas to bubble in my brain before I finally commit. I was excited that I finally found a pair of larger seahorses for my 'Seaside Theatre' (the theme for Mouse Expo is pirates). I won't share pictures of that until it is done. I need to find an inside light to showcase the pirate wench who will dance on the stage. And the backdrop is causing me concern. But I will persist!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hello! I always admired those who blog. I enjoy reading others thoughts and seeing pictures of their creativity. I have some time and decided to share my thoughts and pictures of what I love. Enchantment is important to me...without it, my life would lack something. My small examples of Enchantment thoughout my house bring me smiles and pleasure! And perhaps blogging will inspire me to get more accomplished! I hope you enjoy! Lee