Monday, March 29, 2010


This past weekend, I finally spent time spring cleaning and also had some fun changing displays and dusting mice. I even changed out the Christmas mice from the glass teapot display in my china cabinet. I bought a glass cake stand and now it is added to that fun display.

I have been working on the miniatures, displays and contest entries for May's 'Mouse Expo' in CA. I do get carried away~and end up spending so much time on these things. I tend to think it all out before finally committing. I browse my favorite craft stores and allow time for the ideas to bubble in my brain before I finally commit. I was excited that I finally found a pair of larger seahorses for my 'Seaside Theatre' (the theme for Mouse Expo is pirates). I won't share pictures of that until it is done. I need to find an inside light to showcase the pirate wench who will dance on the stage. And the backdrop is causing me concern. But I will persist!

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