Friday, October 28, 2011

HaLLoWeEn Crafts!

Last minute crafting, just in time for our HaLLoWeEn party!
My sister, Lynne, and her daughter, Tori (our maiden name was Torrey!) came over last night and made their own candy corn topiaries. This is very easy & fast-compared to making the ribbon topiaries, that is. One big tip-do not use Brach's candy corn(which is my favorite!). It tends to break, as I found out when a good friend and I were making our first one. I bought more expensive candy corn which had a wax coating (locally, I found it at Sweetland Candy Store). We used a smooth foam 3" ball and hot glue in a pot.
The other topiary was made with 'Dot' candies. I used a 3 1/2" styrofoam ball for this one. Not sure I like the colors as well...
I hosted a HaLLoWeEn potluck lunch for my friends from high school Thursday. Most of us dressed up and looked very goofy (hard to believe we are really old ladies!). One creative friend brought acorn cookies. Adorable and tasty! She used Hershey kisses, small Nutter Butter cookies and peanut butter chips, with frosting holding it all together. Yum!
Finally, my cat, Bob, snapped this picture of me acting goofy....
I do have FUN!
Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Aren't you fabulous looking! Happy Halloween dear friend! We'll have to figure out how to get over to your place to see your decor!

    Halloween hugs!