Sunday, October 16, 2011


Wowie-have I been cleaning and decorating!
Mouser friends begin arriving tomorrow for the Wee Forest Folk event called 'Folktoberfest' here in Michigan. Two friends from WA and UT are flying into Grand Rapids to stay before we drive up to begin work on the event, so I had to (finally) clean house.
Best part of my cleaning frenzy was dusting my mice-I use a cosmetic brush on each one and really enjoy spending time looking at all the beautiful hand painted details. I only clean my cabinets occasionally so I had to show off the sparkling results!


  1. Everything looks so sparkly clean! Have fun with your Wee Forest friends. Take lots of pics!!

  2. Love your collection!

    It looks fantastic :):)

    I have always enjoyed taking each one of my collectibles and really detail clean them. I kinda get lost into my own little world as I inspect and appreciate each piece.


  3. Wow, what a fun collection you have too :) It's fun to see your goodies...

    Happy Halloween Collecting!
    ~ Johanna