Tuesday, November 1, 2011

HaLLoWeEn Decor

Before I begin the deconstruction of my Halloween decor (small sob), I thought I would share a few more pictures.
The hanging spiders on the sliders are new this year. The super sized spider moved in several years ago-found after Halloween on sale. I love a good sale!
I have found the stairs are a good place to display holiday fun.
I am still amazed at myself on how much I adore my witch hat lamp. This year, I added tinted eyeglasses along with a green wand from 'Wicked'. There is also a pair of sparkly (lit) witch shoes on the floor below.
I made the scarecrow five years ago at a mouse event (notice the mouse ears on his hat?). He hangs in the garage all year, waiting to come join the fun every fall. My husband argues that his hunting boots do not belong outside with Mr. Scarecrow. I sneak them out....teehee!
This year I went a bit crazy and bought a special wig for HaLLowWeEn. My main mummy seems to enjoy getting a bit crazy.
I will miss HaLLoWeN!


  1. I will miss Halloween too. Love the decor...especially your witch lamp. Your wig is just divine. Did you hit any good after-holiday sales today?

  2. Love your decor! I finally got all of my Halloween decorations packed away yesterday. So sad, but now I need to decorate for Thanksgiving, and in just a few short weeks, it's time for Christmas decorating!