Friday, July 15, 2011

BuTtOnS & the new Grandpuppy!

I decided to poke around at my Mother's house and found some things that my Aunt decided to get rid of...and of course, I volunteered to take them! Most were from Mom and Aunt Jeanette's maiden aunt Celia. These buttons were fun to play with and there are many that I am excited about, especially the Scotty dogs!
Then there is the new grandpuppy! he is living in California but will move in with our son and his girlfriend when they move to CA in August! I already told them that he must come visit us and meet his cousin, Bob! Half miniature poodle and half Chihuahua, 'Harley' should stay small...but we'll see. Bob may have a fun playmate!


  1. Oh my goodness your grandpuppy is just adorable. What fun buttons, Lee. I'm glad you'll be able to enjoy them now. Stay cool. I understand this is going to be the hottest week of the summer.

  2. Love the scotty buttons!! I am your newest follower and have enjoyed your blog...but, what's a mouse event? Explain, please!!

  3. Oh thanks for stopping by my Blog, My Old Historic House. I am your newest follower as well. I sure do appreciate you and look forward to reading and visiting your blog more often. Richard