Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today I find I need I played around with my things; some old, some new.

I bought the cat sculpture with cup on top last week on a shopping excursion with family. Love a certain gallery near Charlevoix, MI, housed in an old red school house (Biers Gallery). I have a collection of fun sculptures from this particular artist (Rex Benson); his characters always make me smile. I added the mouse (Wee Forest Folk) in the cup and love it!

I have been working on a cloche display for a posting for next week. I bought several (well...many) tiny cloches the last time I shopped in Geneva, IL and decided to see which miniatures would fit under the tiniest one. The house is actually only one inch tall! Love the details you get from laser cutting the miniature parts.

I also stopped at Hobby Lobby today to purchase some miniature trees for reworking. I browsed the sale aisle and found the chunky candle sticks...for less than five dollars for both! I'm sure that they will find a purpose, perhaps to display some miniatures or mice.

Last is my darling Bob. He prowls all night and sleeps most of the day but always smiles when I interrupt his nap-at times he even gives me a purr.

Dealing with aging parents is challenging. One day at a time and make sure you Smile!


  1. I have been through all my aging families and they are now gone. So I no longer have that concern. I pray I am never a burden to my son.

  2. I sure know what you mean...I will not burden my boys...and hope that I remember that!

  3. I always enjoying seeing your latest acquisitions. As you could see, I snuck to World Market and it looks like I should have stepped into Hobby Lobby to get those deep discounts. The girls (and Chris) are sleeping outside in the treehouse this evening. With the low humidity, they are game to try it out. I have an early morning at work and am content to have the entire house to myself.

    Please know that I'm thinking of you and your Mom. I'm guessing her recovery is slow.

  4. Hi Lee,
    I think your new cat sculpture is fantastic, what a wonderful artist:) and the little wee folk looks darling in the cup.

    I bet your house is filled with little magical surprises around every corner. I love how you so cleverly put together and display your collections.You certainly inspire me.

    and Bob is certainly a sweetie ;)

    My mother is very spry at the age of 74, but about 2 years ago she hurt her lower back and was literally down for several months. I loved taking care of her, but I was very worn out.. like you said.. SMILE!

    maybe you can get away and pamper yourself for a dose of rejuvenation :)

    Take care,

  5. Lee, I love that small cloche, it is so adorable! The picture of Bob made me smile he looks so comfortable :). My mother is still young and strong but I know the time will probably come when she will need to be cared for so I will tuck away this reminder to take it one day at a time in my heart.