Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Does everyone tend to obsess over something they see...and go back and buy it?!
I saw this chair a week ago.

My first thought was-no, I don't need that. Where would I put it/what would I use it for/it needs work/when would I refinish or paint it...?!

But the lines....and the solid workmanship! It is small and I could use it as a plant stand or for display. Wait, the lake house always needs extra seating!
So....I talked myself into it. I crossed my fingers that it was still there today, and it was! Hurray! Another project to add to my long list. But it is a beauty!

And Bob likes it!

PS Now why are my words in blue?! I really am a rookie at this-LOL!

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad Bob approves. It's rather quaint. You'll have to share where you got it. Your fairies helped take good care of our treehouse last night. We lost several significant trees in the storm. I'm editing pictures tonight and video. Chris spent the morning with his chainsaw.