Monday, June 13, 2011

New Cherished Finds....

I have to share my newest cherished treasures found while visiting Beautfort, SC. I ducked into an antique/art store while in downtown Beautfort and was drawn to some blue glass. The first was a small blue glass pitcher...with a picture of Shirley Temple on it! I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies and my Mom was a big fan. Somehow I found the courage to ask for a lower price and got it! I spent what I saved on another blue item; an old blown glass bottle. When I returned home and told Mom about my find, she told me to check her china cupboard-and there was my blue pitcher's twin! The great part of this is I gently persuade Mom to give her pitcher to my sister. We are planning a lunch for Mom this week when my Aunt comes to visit so I plan to fill the blue pitchers with flowers for a centerpiece as a surprise. Looking forward to seeing my sister's surprised face!

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Today I went back to a local antique store to see if something I found there many months ago was still available. I have been having dreams
about I was very excited when I was able to buy it! The old cabinet will need some work but will be a great display for damaged mice
that I collect-a 'hospital' of sorts. Love the cool graphics!
The last picture is another 'mouse' related treasure. I decided I needed shade plants in the cement basket next the the back door. When
searching for ideas in a nursery, I narrowed it down to shade perennials and found 'Blue Mouse Ears' hosta plant. Couldn't have found anything more perfect! Another treasure which I will smile about every time I pass by.

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  1. So that's the infamous cabinet from Blue Door. I can see its potential. What a lovely treat to be able to share the pitcher with your sister.