Monday, June 6, 2011

South Carolina Surprises....

We drove to South Carolina this past weekend to surprise our son for his birthday. He shocked us by driving home for Mother's Day weekend (over fifteen hours) so it was payback time!
Surprise is such a small word for the giant grin on his face! I love surprises...when they aren't on me! LOL
After driving there Friday evening and many hugs, we had another surprise....a King snake in his yard. King snakes aren't poisonous so we
(well, most of us) enjoyed watching this amazing creature trying to move a rock out of a hole.
Saturday was spent in the sun. I must admit that the sun does a number on me. I surprised myself when I agreed to sit on the dock and
even go for a jet ski ride with my husband. It can be no surprise that I have decided to start yet another weight loss program after seeing
pictures of myself this weekend....sigh.
Sunday included a visit to Hunting Island where we were yet again surprised with the natural beauty of South Carolina- a light house, a jelly fish and two lovely adults in love (our son and his lady love).
It was a weekend of many surprises, which filled our hearts and senses.
Life is good.


  1. Darling picture of you and your husband. I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend despite the many many hours spent in the car. Looks like loads of fun. I'm sure your son was so happy to have his parents around for his birthday.

    We're heading to Detroit this weekend, but next week during the week is WIDE open for a treehouse tour. Let me know if you're up for a visit sometime. I also have your special goodies from my birthday give-away.

  2. Hi....thank you for stopping by....just curious why you think the picture of my cat in my purse might offend anyone? Have a great day.