Sunday, February 6, 2011

Art or crafts?

Not sure why it bothered me so much...but an old friend was lamenting about how she was floundering in her new retirement. She told me I was lucky that I had my 'crafts' to fill my time. Somehow that didn't sit right with me. I do some crafting but my miniature displays are much more than that. Do I get to qualify my miniatures as art since I sell and make money on them? My miniature gypsy wagon took hours and hours of work-planning, making prototypes, learning to electrify and make the right candle stick, searching for the right accessories and trim and colors.... I have sold more than two dozen of the wagons (I should have kept track!) and am proud of my work. I had forgotten that I struggled with calling myself an 'artist' back when I left teaching.
I guess I need to remind myself that I need to be happy and satisfied with what I do. I can always educate others about what I create and perhaps they will better understand it.
Now back to planning my Harry Potter miniature stone cottage-and figuring out how to make a round roof....


  1. It's definitely art. The work that goes into your projects is unbelievable and I can't wait to see what you come up with for the Harry Potter cottage.

  2. I'm retired and I can relate to what your saying. I was asking myself that same question recently. Am I craftsperson or am I an artist? Since I make and sell many one of a kind pieces I think I should consider myself to be an artist. And, it really does annoy me when someone will ask me how my retirement is going and how my little hobby is doing. Since I've been selling my work since 1982 I think it's a bit more than a hobby...LOL....Oh well. There is no accounting for some people's point of view.