Saturday, February 5, 2011

Great day with my Sister!

Today my Sister (with a capital S) and I spent the day together. She was great, letting me browse in vintage and antique shops in Holland as well as art galleries. I found this great vintage shelf which will live at the lake house. Then we walked down the street to my favorite gallery~Thistle Gallery. New zipper pins had arrived! I bought my Sister a bird pin for taking care of our cats while we will be away this month. Then I bought myself a gift (the cherry pin~thanks, honey!) and I was shopping for a friend and bought her a pin as well (the bluebird). Then we were directed to see the fabulous pins in the window of the gallery...and I lusted after another zipper pin. My Sister decided that would be a terrific gift for my birthday (in March). Yippee! I just adore those pins! Of course then I felt I should buy her some special earrings for her birthday (in March). I just love shopping for my own gifts as well as gifts for others!
To top off the afternoon, we had a terrific lunch at Boatwerks on Lake Macatawa. What a wonderful day!
PS Owls were abundant everywhere! I took this picture just for you, Kim. Aren't they adorable?!


  1. I haven't shopped in Holland in ages. You need to give me a list of all your favorite haunts. I need some shopping fun. Those owls are adorable. I just got done updating the blog with pictures from our Chinese New Year celebration. Josie was so proud of her special clothes and special holiday today.

  2. Thanks for visiting, and Happy Valentine's.