Thursday, October 18, 2012

New HaLLoWeEn!

So...this fall, I decided to do less for HaLLoWeEn; buy less, decorate less; obsess less (?!?). One out of three isn't so bad... This witch paper cutting joins my collection of Scherenschnitte.

The little witch stump house is my new miniature creation. It has a flickering LED votive inside to make it SpOoKy.

These tiny candles just arrived (bought on Etsy). They are each @ 1/2" tall. I love the faces.

Violet the witch spoke to me at an artists' co-op store in Midland as soon as I walked in the door. I couldn't refuse her!

Just love the lamps, the owl under the mantle, the witch, the velvet pumpkins and the clock case I turned into a haunted house display for my Wee Forest Folk trickor treaters. All these things turn my mantle into an amazing HaLLoWeEn display.

Finally, the last picture shows the treasures I brought home from Ghoultide Gathering, earlier this month. The black mouse (on a BOO pumpkin) was handmade by Lori Ann Correlis; the pumpkin with large eyes was made by Joyce Stahl; and I have forgotten e name of the artist who made the flickering candle with the face.

I still get carried away with HaLLoWeEn! Joining The Cottage Market to share my blog~some thrifty; some not!


  1. Your collections are just fantastic, Lee. I'll make sure Mom sees this post. I love your witch paper cutting and that mini witch stump hat is too sweet. Just think...with less out, you'll have less to put away. I get completely overwhelmed with the putting away part after Oct 31. It's fun to enjoy, but I want a magic wand to put it all away.

  2. Hi, Lee -
    I think Halloween is one of those fun holidays where more is more! It is a big deal in our Washington, DC neighborhood. Kids, neighbors, and businesses all come together....I love the community spirit. We would all love to hang out in your home.
    Tone on Tone

  3. This is tons of FUN!!! : ) Thanks for sharing with us at Junkin Joe! : ) hugs...