Sunday, March 31, 2013


I have a new collection....Majolica plates. Bought one on EBay, found two smaller ones very similar to the first so bid low and won them (arrived safely from Europe wrapped in bubble wrap but no box!). Not sure if that was a great idea but like them anyway. Now the fussy part~working with a clock (which was a wedding gift so it has to stay), I hung the three plates but after a few days, I knew it didn't look right (to fussy me). Therefore I fussed and hammered another hole in the wall (hubby hasn't cried out loud yet). Added a framed paper cutting which I love; then changed it for a new framed miniature quilt (also love). Think I will stick with the paper cutting but now feel I need to add more. So the search is on! Any helpful comments?


  1. How gorgeous are your Majolica plates!

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