Friday, May 14, 2010

New display find...

I spent much time at Hobby Lobby and Michael's in the past two days, trying to buy all the 'ingredients' I need for a miniature workshop I was asked to do this summer. After the third Hobby Lobby store, I finally thought to ask if they give rain checks....and they do! They will order as much as I need and call me when it is in-within a week! Plus they will sell it all to me at the sale price. I couldn't be more pleased! Customer service is alive and some stores!

I found this adorable red stand while strolling the aisles yesterday and decided it had to come home with me. It is just the right size for a mouse or two and the clerk gave it to me half price, since glassware was half off this week. What a bonus! I added the lace edging but think it may need a bit more so may use real lace and maybe some RWB ribbon, too. But had to share it! We headed up to the lake where we found cold temps and wind. Not at all like the weather at home.

Oh, well! I brought many projects with me and may drive into town and browse a few of my favorite stores. Always something to look forward to! Plus I need two more sea turtles for two mouse friends who had to have one with a little mousie riding it's back.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Very sweet. I love your latest acquisition. Have fun up north! I'm so ready for warmer temperatures and sunshine.