Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yummy Traverse City!

Well, I went into Traverse City this afternoon and spent most of my time and money related to food! First stop was Grand Traverse Pie Company (cherry pie for dessert tonight), then Mary's Kitchen Port for some delicious salads (cherry chicken salad and a Greek Pasta salad as well as Whitefish Pate'). I did head to the Warehouse District to stop in at The Red Dresser to see what they had. Great store with many artists and unique items-many made out of old stuff. Great place for ideas! Then on to downtown Front Street. I love to shop the beautiful ribbons available at Stewart Zacks. I browsed many stores before stopping in at Trains & Things Hobby Store to buy some lights and odds and ends. Their prices are good so I ordered some coarse green foliage I need for a workshop this summer. On to American Spoon Food for my favorite sorbet-Blood Orange! Love it! I found a reproduction wooden shoe at Americana Collection on the clearance shelf. Less than half price! I see it turned into a miniature shoe house...for mice, of course! I ended up spending three hours by myself, having a wonderful time! Back at the cottage now to a beautiful sunset.

Oh-I forgot our first boat ride around the lake! Two new cottages being built. Saw the Loon on her nest, the eagle circling high overhead...hope he stays away from the loon baby when it is hatched. Also saw the swan on her nest on a small island, her mate calmly swimming nearby. I forgot the binoculars to check out the eagle nest. Hope there is an egg ready to hatch there, too!

Wonderful day...

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  1. TC is a wonderful city. I can't wait to see you new boot turned into a cozy mouse dwelling. My parents just left our house. We had quite the Parisian party! Mom and Dad surprised Emma with a HUGE Eiffel Tower statue on loan from a local florist. Too cool. Lots of pics posted tonight.