Thursday, September 16, 2010


Working hard trying to get ready for Wee Forest Folk's Folktoberfest in one week. I plan to finish a display as well as a display to decorate a table. Not real pleased with the mouse I dressed. It turns out he was molded right into his base so there was no way to release him. So I cut and clipped and mangled the poor little guy. He was tortured way too much with two broken legs, broken fingers and arm as well as an ear. I finally gave up on getting too detailed and just painted what was left the same color as his mousie skin. If you don't look too closely, he looks OK with his purple boxers and bow tie and suit coat. He is passed out near the still...I think he drank himself silly! The cop checked to make sure he was still breathing...
Back to work!

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  1. You do good work. Can't wait to hear how your shopping goes this weekend.