Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wee Forest Folk Folktoberfest 2010

Well, the hard part of this mouse event is over...and I am relieved. My display was a hit-so I won but I was the only entry. I decorated a table today with a still and hide out for The Purple Gang. I had much fun with this. There were three tables decorated and all of us were winners. I love that~! Many contests and games yet to do and then wrap up tomorrow morning. Mom is here with me. She came today and it is so good to have her with me!

I plan to take this week easy and rest up!

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  1. How nice that your mom is with you to enjoy all the fun. I just updated the blog with pics of my Halloween sunroom tree. I spent all day decorating the house. I'll be sharing pics all week. Tomorrow is Allegan!!