Friday, May 27, 2011

Sisterly Adventures

My sister, Lynne, and I spent two full days together this week up north at
our cottage. She was a perfect companion to shop with-encouraging and excited with each discovery. We drove up to Petosky one day,
enjoying the fruit trees in full blossom.
One of our fun purchases were light toys for the Fourth of July.
I stopped at Toad Hall which is the only Wee Forest Folk store in the area, to find that their cabinet had fallen over recently, destroying or damaging their inventory. Poor little meeses! I asked about their fate and am in negotiations to adopt some of the amputees. I have an idea for a Mouse Hospital, giving a home to damaged mice. Now I need a trip to a shop in GR to see if a small vintage cabinet is still available to house this hospital.
We had a terrific lunch at City Park Grill then continued our shopping. We both ended up buying some LED lights-mine are a twig garland with tiny lights for my mantle; Lynne's is a bunch of greens with tiny LED lights hidden in the green leaves. So excited to put these lights where they belong!
The next day we drove into Traverse City where we stopped at 'The Red Dresser'. I did find a small wooden box with a Scottie dog carved in the lid, which I know I will find a use for. I also was excited to find out about a flea market in a few weeks at Brownwood Farms. Hope I can make it there!
We picked up our favorite raspberry pies at Grand Traverse Pie Co. Gramma Zimm made us these pies every summer. Each bite reminds me of sweet memories of time spent with my grandparents on the farm. I pray that one day, I can make memories for any future grandchildren I may be blessed with.
I took my sister to a new favorite restaurant, Red Ginger, but this was a miss (and I had high hopes!).
We drove on to the shops at the old mental hospital where we were amazed by the sight of a dozen huskies lounging in the back of a pick up truck. They were so calm and beautiful and didn't seem to mind being photographed or the light rain wetting their coats.
My final treasure was found at the gallery inside. I love the texture of the fabric and the quilted flowers. My mind is buzzing with visions of where this will hang once I have it framed.
I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful sister to make more memories with.

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  1. You are having jolly fun...your sister is adorable! Keep up the posts and the pics.

    PS. Chris was in the treehouse until after 10pm painting. It's looking good!!!