Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Another Day of a Most Excellent Adventure....

We traveled to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville one day during our adventure. The Inn has a gingerbread competition every year so we were able to see most of the entries....except for the winner. The picture of the winning entry left me wanting more but there were so many on display, I found myself enchanted. I now have something new on my bucket list....to make my own gingerbread house.
Our family spent a week at the Grove Park Inn way back when the boys were young (unbelievable to find so many years have passed) so it was fun to see the wonderful Inn again. We had a delicious breakfast there next to the windows where we could enjoy a view of the mountains. After our tour of the gingerbread houses, we visited the shops and an art gallery on the grounds. I came away lusting for many things. Another terrific day!

We found these adorable, mouse sized miniature shops at the Biltmore as well as at the Grove Park Inn. We each now own three to remind us of our adventure.


  1. I've watched this on the cooking channel. They are amazing. I have always wanted to do one of my old house. I think I might some day. Richard from, My Old Historic House.

  2. What fabulous adventures! Love your gingerbread houses. Christmas hugs!

  3. love the miniature little houses, absolutely darling. merriest of christmas wishes to you.