Monday, February 6, 2012

Nasty Secret....

I have a confession to make. My basement could be on on a hoarders episode.
Scratch that...could have been.
I worked many hours down there this weekend. Our trash haulers will not be happy
~but I am.
After eight humungus bags of trash; one trip to the Habitat for Humanity donation center; another load scheduled to Goodwill today; I can honestly say I can see light at the end of the dark tunnel in the basement.
I am struggling with the question about how much to purge. My husband says kick it all out to the curb....but I am not dead yet!
And I love my creative side! I have great stuff and still hope to create things on my bucket list.
It's not like we are moving....but when I have to head to the store because I can't find the supplies I need for a project and get so frustrated I give up, it is time to get a move on.
And I find it isn't all me! At the end of day one, I had five speakers which we had no idea were down there. But wait~ make that six! A huge bag contains a tent and sleeping bags used when son #2 was on his college waterski team; the floor sweeper we got as a wedding gift (does it still work?!); a television which I loaded in the van~but wait! The television in the cabinets doesn't work, thanks to the cat who used the litter box intermittently (he preferred to back up and release-yuck!). Then there is the treadmill (no small thing) which my husband refuses to get rid of. It is worn out and hasn't been used in over ten years (since we joined a gym). He keeps telling me that it is the least of my worries...but it is the elephant in the room. I am not insisting that he get rid of the huge speakers he made back in college (forty years ago). They haven't been turned on is over twenty years. Perhaps I need to use a different tact after I organize and purge more this week. Or if the snow Gods see fit to blanket the snowmobile trails, he will head out of town and I can make certain things disappear in his absence...hehehe!
Many well meaning friends have saved bubble wrap and small boxes for me-so much that I could open a store!
I really do not want to think about the dead mouse I discovered...that container was not sorted but thrown right into the trash! Bob the cat must have done a job on him!
So onward I go! I refuse to share pictures~yet. Except for my dream workroom. One box at a time!

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  1. Things seem to get out of hand, especailly basements. Richard from My Old Historic House.

    1. You aren't alone in hanging onto things. Our furnace/storage room needs a thorough cleaning again. We also had a dead mouse downstairs this weekend. Both cats were very proud to show us the mouse. Eek!

      I can't wait to see your studio someday! Keep plugging away!

  2. This was just the post I needed. I'm a DIY, crafting, sewing homeowner who is engaged to an apartment dwelling Spartan. He is CONSTANTLY reminding me "I need some room too" proceeded by the countdown of how many more days until the wedding I have left to clean before he moves in.

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one embarking on a clean-out adventure. I don't have mice....but really, aren't a zillion dust bunnies just as bad? :) Congrats on your progress so far!!

  3. Wow! Good work. Sounds like you got a ton accomplished.

  4. I am famous for hanging onto stuff that "I might use one day". Good for you jumping in to clear out the basement. Thank you for linking to the Open House Party. Hugs, Sherry

  5. Good for you for tackling that basement! That is one area in my house that I have trouble keeping up with. Oh wait, there is the garage too :)

    Keep at it.