Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Home again, home again~

Just home from a few days at our youngest son's home in SC (Brian). No big agenda-just time spent with a much loved son. Problem is, you miss them so much when you leave.
The good thing is, I did find time to shop for seashells. The guys didn't seem to mind and I found some terrific shells. I hope to finish two different miniature displays using the shells in the next few weeks. One is for a charity auction at the mouse convention in CA. The other will be part of my 'Shipwrecked on Treasure Island'(or 'Mouse Family Robinson on Treasure Island')display contest entry at the same convention. I forced my husband to stop at one of the big artisan stores in WV. I should have taken a picture! It was HUGE. So much to see and buy. Luckily I am choosy and only bought a few cards and a tiny stump with handcarved mushrooms. It is so wonderful...it will join a fairy in a large glass jar. The fairy is having a teaparty with a tiny mouse. I leave for Chicago in one week for the big miniature shows. Can't wait to find more treasures!

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  1. I can't wait to see your latest creations. They sound just delightful, Lee. I made a fairy house out of a wooden house shaped CD holder (found at Michael's) and covered the roof with silk blossoms and flowers. I'm giving it to our friend's 1st grade daughter this weekend. I posted pictures on my blog last night. It's not the right scale for your work, but it's fine for little people.