Monday, April 12, 2010

Tough few days...

...but could have been worse. My Mom collasped several times Saturday morning. She left a garbled message on our answering we took her to emergency and found out her new medication caused her sodium levels to drop dramactically. Good news is she didn't break any bones in her falls. And they figured out whay the levels were so off. So she is recovering with IV's and feeling better. They even brought in the spine specialist to help coordinate treatment on her back problems. She had a treatment today. I am crossing my fingers that the cortisome shots will help. We don't want her to go through major surgery again.

I did find time to work on a few contest entries for the mouse convention in three weeks. I will post one here. Now I need to decide if I am still driving to Chicago...but my sister will be home tomorrow to help. Mom seems so much better.
We shall see!

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  1. Best wishes with your mom and your trip to Chicago.