Sunday, March 4, 2012


Laziness takes over my life lately...therefore I am remiss in posting anything new. So sorry. I am a dreamer, not much of a doer recently.
I will share a few of my favorite/fun things from the past few weeks.

First is our kitty, Itty Bitty. She decided to join my husband and have a quick lap of his drink. Since she is a senior citizen, I find myself rarely saying no to her.
Second; I did schedule a fun jaunt up north with my favorite younger sister. She was game to search some antique/ vintage stores and even poised for a bear hunting picture.
Third; I LOVE my new bunnies....although my mice seem jealous and out of sorts about the newcomers.
Fourth is a picture of my favorite birthday gift...charms made with pictures of our sons at the age of two. Adorable!
Lastly~to my surprise, DH took me out for an expensive and delicious birthday meal at a new restaraunt. Happy Birthday is written in chocolate making my age easier to swallow!
It has been a fun and busy two weeks.


  1. Lovely gobbledygook. I'm debating about putting a picture of Luna on the blog with her paw down the toaster. It wasn't turned on, but it could very easily become an injury. She's at the wild teenage stage. There is nothing slow about her right now. Darling pic of your sister and sweet little bunnies. Aren't those charms fun! Belated chocolate birthday greetings!!

  2. Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog. Love your gobbledygook post! That's how all my posts turn out :)