Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Treasures....

I went to an estate sale this past week. It must have been the last day; everything was 50% off. I ended up with a few bits and pieces, all for nine dollars. I love seeing the inside of estate homes. This one must have been owned by a wealthy family since there was a maid's room with it's own separate stairway; a butlers pantry and an indoor swimming pool! The sad part was that the house was in poor shape, but it was sold. I would love to see it's transformation!
I came home with the small white metal planter (50 cents) so I stopped at a fun store which sells fairy garden materials and bought the dwarf bush. I love the glass snail and small watering can which complete this vignette.
I also found a Grand Rapids spring water bottle in the estate home's garage. Sixty years or more ago, spring water was pumped into barrels from the artisan wells in our ravine and sent into Grand Rapids to be bottled and sold.
My sister brought me the glass bunny and eggs from her trip to Chicago.
I am finally sharing a fun find from a local antique store. I liked the monkey letter holder at first sight but when I read the tag, I had to have it. I wish I had known about the estate sale where this was found. The gentleman who owned it lived not far from me and had a collection of monkeys to commemorate his part in The Wizard of Oz.
I still struggle with blogging using my iPad. I need to make some time to investigate avenues of help.
Have a great day!


  1. I continue to use my laptop for updating my blog and my iPad for browsing blogs. No good advice. Maybe I'll get better at my iPad while I'm on medical leave. I'm glad that letter holder found another good home. Sounds like an interesting estate sale home.

    PS. I need to find an alternative pain killer. Vicodin is making me sick to my stomach but it helps the horrible throbbing pain. Ouch.

  2. My goodness, my husband would flip over that letter holder! He is a Wizard of oz NUT! What a great find indeed!!