Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Whispers of Easters Past

The past always seems to whisper to me. That must be why I have a hard time parting with anything~
I saw a similar title on The Cranky Queen's blog so played around with it and decided to use this one.
I got all the old plastic toys in the first picture from my Mom. I found the pink wheelbarrow recently at an antique mall.
The black and white picture was taken in 1957 before going to church. This was when my Dad was outnumbered by all the women in the family. I was so proud of my frilly dress and my younger sister did not want to wear her Easter bonnet. This picture is a treasure so I had copies made for my sisters and Mom. A month ago I had a photo charm made for Mom. I couldn't wait for Mother's Day so she is wearing it already!
The past is a treasure; the future is waiting to be treasured. I am looking forward to the future!


  1. That print is truly a treasure. How lovely that you have it and were able to share it with everyone. Your Easter vignette is lovely. I'm now the proud "temporary" owner of a knee scooter. I even rigged up my wicker bike basket. Tomorrow, my new wheels will be on the blog.

  2. Wow! Love the Easter outfits. Do people dress up like that anymore. White gloves and alll. Darling. Richard from My Old Historic House.