Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fairy Garden Passion...

I have been having much fun planning and planting fairy gardens. I look for unusual containers, like this chicken waterer, which has old marbles in the glass water jar. I added a tiny ceramic chick to add more whimsey along with the hen and chick plants.

I bought an old bird bath at an estate sale and turned it into a moss fairy garden. We have moss growing in our shady yard which I was able to use. I continue to add tiny mouse ear hostas as well as rocks to this garden.

I found several enamel bowls and planted the next fairy garden with succulents since it is up at our cottage (therefore needs less water). I just added the broken Robins egg for the beautiful blue color.

You never know when you might stumble across a great opportunity for a new garden~a friend mentioned that she bought a new bird bath so I quickly asked what she was going to do with the old one. So I now have another garden, also planted with succulents and cacti. I found the Queen of Hearts figurine at an estate sale (she was damaged-therefore inexpensive). Love the chair planted with hens and chicks. Friends have given me polished stones from their travels so they add more interest.

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  1. How simply delightful! When we are back from our cottage vacation, I really want to get moving on this with the girls. Your fairy gardens are wonderful inspirations. We leave Saturday for Lake MI. It doesn't look like our warm weather will be following us next week. Darn.

  2. I ran across you site when reading Hilary's "Crazy as a Loom" and I just had to make a comment. These are absolutely wonderful. I have made arrangements for the "fairies" many years ago but after my last move from CA to ME I sort of forgot about how much fun they are. My question to you is" where do you find all the wonderful small items to go into the arrangements, like the chair, arches, etc?