Friday, June 4, 2010

Boat ride...

We took a boat ride last night and saw many beautiful sights...first the loons with baby on mama's back. The baby was asleep until daddy loon came up with some food. Just adorable! Then we came upon the Swan family with six signets. We have only had the swans on the lake since last year so I love seeing the family grow. We saw the eagle on it's nest on the island at the west end of the lake. Some pictures are a bit fuzzy since I need a better zoom lens. Another beautiful day at the lake!

I spent several hours finishing the magazine article about my miniature friend and her work. I hope it is published before the miniature show in October. I'd love as many people as possible to see her work which will be featured at the show. It is truly masterful works of art.

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  1. Very sweet pictures. Your lake looks so peaceful. How wonderful that you were able to honor your friend with a published article.