Sunday, June 13, 2010

Didn't have a sunset but did have beautiful clouds! Bob the cat came out on the dock with us. He is causing quite a ruckus with some birds. Every time he goes out they squawk and squawk~then dive bomb him. They must have a nest near by.
Have accomplished quite a bit this weekend. Seems like nothing is finished yet but there are so many small steps. Sent out one display this weekend. Now to finish another and get it mailed out. I should take a picture of all the tiny thinks that I am painting and assembling. Staying up at the cottage this week to get more accomplished. Hope it works!


  1. I love your blog makeover. Be sure to take lots of pictures of your latest projects.

    PS. I'm driving up and back to Traverse city tomorrow to teach 4 classes at the Northern Michigan campus to our GVSU faculty. I'll be hitting the road at 6:45am. I'd love to sneak in a trip to my favorite antique stores. There won't be time...darn.

  2. You will be driving very close to where the cottage it! Someday you will have to stop by.
    Sorry you won't have time to so any browsing in TC~the Red Dresser moved and you would love to visit that store...and it is small!
    Safe travels!