Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's so nice to be inspired!

OK...I'll admit it. I have a tendency to obsess when I see something I really like. When I visited my friend Barb's new home two weeks ago, I fell in love with so many things. She is quite the artist and her sense of color and style is 'loverly'! She used many vintage items throughout her home and I got very excited to see new ways to decorate with old things. I would love to find one special doll dresser-just adore the way she has those displayed. Her paintings (or were they water colors?) are wonderful and the way she decorated her laundry room is just the cutest thing! I was inspired to start this blog by reading her daughter Kim's blog. Kim gave her mother a wonderful birdcage-which Barb decorates for each season. On my fun day yesterday, I visited 'The Red Dresser' in it's new location, just around the corner from where it used to live (very close to 'The Candle Factory' in Traverse City). I found a nice, vintage birdcage and it came back to the cottage with me. I have some paper mache birds at home who will be flying outside this wonderful cage very soon.
PS I still am obsessing about the owl clock that Kim showed on her blog...keep wondering which room it would live in with me! LOL


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with your birdcage. the owl clock in your possession??? It is quite loverly. Hugs!!

  2. No, I am trying to be sensible about spending I bought the bird cage which was more money than the clock! LOL
    Thanks for all your comments. Don't know how you have all the energy you possess! Hugs back to you!