Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Halloween Frenzy!

Wow! I always forget how much stuff I have! Still a mess but I am slowly sorting and decorating and having FUN! I told myself that I could NOT buy any more Halloween unless it was very special...so today I went out looking and brought home too many 'special' things. I do get carried away!
Earlier in the week, I found the new Hallmark Peanuts gang ornaments. Had to have them! At Marshal's I found a glass embedded with bats~just right for candy corn!
Today, I decided to go to Meijer Gardens to see if they had any 'living stones' (a succulent plant) and was passing Koeze's so decided to stop there. The buyer for Koeze's used to own 'Flowers of the Field' so he is great at findng special Halloween decorations. I wasn't disappointed! They have great (battery powered) candles in orange with black silhouettes which I might have to go back for. I brought home a large crow who is of a different scale than I am used to. He is huge! His brother was wimpering when we left the store...poor guy. He needs to come home with us~maybe later on!
I spent time at Hobby Lobby and bought things on sale...next was Michael's where I only spent two dollars. I found my 'living stone' at Fruitbasket along with a tiny violet plant I had to have and a jade plant for a special pot. As I was leaving the store, I thoughts of heading home but then remembered that Pier One is just up the hill. I entered the store wondering if they hadn't put Halloween out yet but they hid it in the middle of the store~and I loved what I found there. I bought some adorable ornaments and a glass bat candle holder. I have so many Halloween ornaments I might need a second tree this year!
So I am a happy shopper and my husband didn't even glare at me with all my packages!
Halloween is in full force at our house!

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  1. Thanks for all the fabulous tips. Sounds like I need to go to Koeze's. I haven't been there in a couple of years. I can't wait to get the personal tour of your decorations. Josie came home with an orange/green finger painting from preschool and we converted it to a pumpkin this evening. I just posted the pics on the blog. I love your new orange blog back ground. Very festive!!