Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New&Old Enchantments

I went into Traverse City today and took an old teaching friend to one of my favorite stores~The Red Dresser. I left with a new vintage shelf, a small pottery cornucopia and some new/old gift cards with tiny birds nests as embellishments. Then we walked over to The Candle Factory but alas! The owl tick tock clock has disappeared from the wall! I'm sure my husband would be happy about that as I decided that if it was still there, it was meant to come back to the cottage with me. I love the old brick facade of Thc Candle Factory. The red geraniums are so beautiful! As I was taking pictures of my finds from today, I also took a picture of Rocky the raccoon~made by a miniature artist from Japan. I bought him a few years ago and cherish him. The artist couldn't speak English but somehow we were able to exchange money for her work. I love my treasures~
I also finished a few furniture kits for my Wee Forest Folk. The groundhog loves the new stuff!

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  1. Darn about the owl clock. You can come visit mine sometime!! Your raccoon is very sweet in a mischievous kind of way.