Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thinking ahead to Christmas...

I had a group of old high school friends (ten!) up to the cottage this week. On our way to Charlevoix, we stopped at my favorite gallery, housed in an old red school house. Ray and Tammy Bier own the gallery, where they sell their work along with many other artists. They used to do the art fair circuit, including the Ann Arbor Street Fair. Now they sell year round at a beautiful place with a view of the bay.

Anyway, this was my third visit to their gallery this summer. I decided after my last visit that I really 'needed' a Christmas card holder. So I now own another piece from the carver from Tennesee. Love his work!

Now for a nap...

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  1. Your Santa is quite handsome and those sweet potato fries (with honey jalapeno dip) look fantastic!!!